The Neurology of Montessori

Those of us in Montessori education see the positive effects of Montessori on a daily basis. We watch as children’s fine motor skills are strengthened, their reasoning skills sharpened, and their independence encouraged through daily interaction with the prepared Montessori environment. But we can watch all of that and not actually know how the Montessori method achieves the results that it does. Is it just a happy stroke of luck.

Montessori Builds Innovators

By Andrew McAfee There are strident disagreements these days over every aspect of American educational policy, except for one. Everyone thinks it would be great if we could better teach students how to innovate. So shouldn’t we be paying a great deal of attention to the educational method that produced, among others, Larry Page, Sergei Brin, Jeff Bezos, Jimmy Wales, Peter Drucker, Julia Child, David Blaine, and Sean “P. Diddy”.

Why Montessori?

Parents have many choices when sending children to care away from home. Before it became the norm that both parents had to work away from home, children were usually at home with one parent – typically the mother or in some instances grandparents and went to a half day preschool before entering half day Kindergarten at the neighborhood school. Times are different now and parents have to work away from.

Julia Child – Education by Design

I’m going to see the new movie about Julia Child because … she was such a character (I remember watching her on tv cooking with a blow torch!)…and I truly admire Meryl Streep (who plays Child in the movie)…and I love to eat…and I love what changes she provoked in the American diet since my boyhood days when canned chop suey was considered adventuresome (at least in my family)…and because.

How to Think Like a Genius – Dr. Montessori

Try seeing the world through someone else’s eyes By Roberta Ness, for the Houston Chronicle June 7, 2016 Updated: June 7, 2016 Nov. 2, 1946: Maria Montessori with son Mario Montessori visiting a classroom in Acton, London. Photo: Kurt Hutton, Kurt Hutton / Picture Post / Getty Images Most of us think of radical scientific innovation as the whiz-bang invention or discovery that displaces what came before and reshapes the.

Maria Montessori – What You May Not Know?

Welcomed by European royal families, entertained in the White House, and introduced to Mahatma Gandhi, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Erik Ericson, and the world as the “great educator,” Maria Montessori transformed the education of young children. She developed her theories while working as a doctor in a hospital for special-needs children, and opened her first school for normal children in Rome in 1907. Her approach, teaching materials, and observations.

One of the 20th Century’s Greatest Educators

Maria Montessori broke new ground in many ways Posted Oct 12, 2019 – Psychology Today The story of one of the most remarkable students of human learning in the 20th century is not widely known. This is a pity, partly because the story itself is so rich. She became one of the first women in her nation to graduate from medical school, began her educational career working with disabled students,.

Maria Montessori Biography

Founder of the Montessori Movement Maria Montessori was the first woman to practice medicine in Italy. A scholar of biology, psychiatry, anthropology, and medicine, she graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Rome in 1896. As a physician, Dr. Montessori was in touch with young children and became profoundly interested in their development. Through careful and exhaustive scrutiny, she realized that children construct their own personalities as.

Maria Montessori – A little History

Light years ahead of her time, Maria Montessori developed a theory of education that continues to thrive more than a century after she opened her first school. Perhaps your children attend a Montessori school, or maybe you home school with inspiration from her method. Noticing how children were challenged by the expectation to behave as adults in a world created for grown-ups, this amazing woman is responsible for, among other.