Parent Testimonials

“I look forward to going to preschool each morning, and I love hearing each day about what she has accomplished in school. As a result of my daughter’s Montessori education she has gained a great deal of confidence. Her academic development is just excellent. She has truly developed a love for learning. Just at the age of 5 she is confidently reading, writing and adding/subtracting numbers. And, her teacher is the best teacher ever! She is smart, friendly, informative, communicates, and genuinely cares about her students.”

Sherri W., daughter age 5

testimoni-03“Without a doubt, Purviz has secured some of the finest educators in the region. LMS has a strong group of sharp, caring, and gentle instructors who are dedicated to fostering my children’s intellectual, social and emotional development. They are constantly developing more engaging curricula and creative ways to foster classroom unity. As a side note, the teachers’ bailiwick isn’t constrained to the children. One of the teachers even helped me after a very wintry (and treacherous) drive into school! Each morning my children are excited about selecting their work for the day. My four-year-old delights in telling me about the topics he explored during his school day–everything from the solar system to Vincent Van Gogh’s art. Overall, I am convinced that LMS provides a rich, stimulating environment in which my children can maximize their potential.”

Adrienne S., son age 4, daughter age 2

“I believe that my son will begin elementary school as an independent thinker.”

Ariela U., son age 5

“Purviz has an amazing gift for providing a peaceful environment where her students can discover new things every day. Even though it’s been a year since my son has been in her classroom, he still tells us stories about Purviz, his former classmates, and the things he learned while in her care.”

Nikki B., son age 6

“My son is learning at an unbelievable rate! The only regret we have now is that we didn’t send our older daughter to LMS.”

Teresa D., son age 5

“My son has attended Lawrence Montessori School from 6 months of age and is now transitioning to the toddler classroom. Over his time at LMS he has truly blossomed mentally and socially. The staff and teachers go above and beyond to care for my child. The classroom environment is extremely calming with immense amounts of natural light with ergonomic learning tools, space and furniture. Overall, LMS is the perfect environment for learning absorption! I’m very fortunate to have found such an amazing place for my son to learn and grow. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the teachers and staff at Lawrence Montessori School.”

Angie C., son age 18 months

“My three-month old son absolutely loves the teachers and other children in the Caterpillar (Infant) Room. It’s truly wonderful, and quite a relief, to be told every day what a happy boy he is! I can’t wait for him enjoy all of the experiences LMS offers.”

Erica A., son age 4 months

“We so appreciate the genuine care that is provided for our children, affording them a healthy and friendly atmosphere to learn and spend their days. We’ve watched our babies blossom into independent boys who have so much pride in the work that they do. They help set the dinner table, clear items from the table when we are done, load the dishwasher, they even help with table washing and sorting laundry, these are all key components of the Montessori practical life curriculum. While on vacation this past week, my son asked what an armadillo looked like? I googled a picture to show him and he then asked, “Why does he have armor?” I lazily replied, “That’s a good question. Why does a turtle have a shell?” to which he replied, “To keep safe from predators.” I’m certain that was something he learned at Lawrence Montessori School. His dad and I were thrilled to hear such a logical response from our 5 year old.”

Alison and Jim M., sons ages 3 and 5

“I’m so happy that my baby is so happy!”

Erica A., son age 4 months

“Lawrence Montessori School is an outstanding preschool. I have had two children attend there thus far. Purviz Birdie is an amazingly talented leader of the school and an incredible teacher. She knows how to let young children learn and experience new things in a way that empowers them to do great work and be independent. The teachers our kids had at the school in the various classrooms were also really great, as were the teaching assistants. I would highly recommend this preschool. It is a local treasure in Lawrence, KS.”

Bryan Smith, daughter age 5

“A wonderful school with fantastic facilities, teachers, and director. Our son went to school here for almost two years, spending time in the toddler room and moving into the primary room before we moved away from the area. We would have kept him at LMS as long as possible if not for the move. Each and every day the teachers develop a warm, fun, lively, healthy environment for the children, are very responsive to the needs of each child, and are willing and able to chat with parents each and every day to communicate how the day went for the children. Our son, while high functioning, is on the autism spectrum. The LMS staff and director were incredibly open and enthusiastic about working with our son’s therapy network, establishing mutual goals and keeping incorporating his learning goals into the broader classroom environment. I am still in awe of the patience and cheerful enthusiasm they consistently showed day in, day out, towards our son and his classmates. The children that go to the school are just a joy to be around as well. It was very difficult to say goodbye to the LMS group when we left. Beautiful, clean, new facility, fantastic play-area, and fresh, home-cooked and diverse meals. We would highly recommend them to anyone interested.”

Annabelle Steele, son age 5

“I was very pleased with how much my son has learned at LMS in only one year. The staff is excellent, as well as caring and patient. The building is new, and in a safe area. Tuition is reasonable, but the environment is outstanding. My only regret is not transferring my son to this school sooner!”

Laura F., son age 5

“Lawrence Montessori School provides a nurturing environment as well as an exceptional academic foundation! Thank you, LMS!”

Jenny Humburg, son age 5