Weekly Menu


Breakfast: Toast, with Butter and Cheese, Orange slices
A.M. Snack: Homemade crackers and Pears
Lunch: Macaroni & cheese (carrots), Broccoli, Cantaloupe, Milk
P.M. Snack: Homemade Chex Mix and Fresh Fruit


Breakfast: Oatmeal, fruit, milk
A.M. Snack: Hummus and fresh veggies
Lunch: Taco Salad, oven roasted tortilla wedges, Melon chunks
P.M. Snack: Banana and raisin Muffins


Breakfast: Toasted English muffin, Soynut butter, Milk
A.M. Snack: Apple slices with cheese cubes
Lunch: Homemade hamburgers/veggie burgers, broccoli, oranges, milk
P.M. Snack: Homemade rice pudding


Breakfast: French toast, fruit, milk
A.M. Snack: Homemade raisin granola bars
Lunch: Roast chicken chopped salad, cantaloupe and milk
P.M. Snack: Chocolate chip cookies (chickpeas), bananas


Breakfast: Cheerios, Fruit & Milk
A.M. Snack: Pears and cinnamon toast
Lunch: Breaded chicken bites, Carrots, Apples, milk
P.M. Snack: Rice cakes with homemade apple butter