Your Baby has learned to Roll and its ruining their Sleep

Has your baby started rolling?! This can be such an exciting milestone as a first-time parent but it can also be disruptive to sleep!

Maybe your babe has made it onto their tummy and now they are stuck and are MAD! If this happens, you have to go in and roll them back over simple as that. The best thing you can do in this situation is to encourage lots of “rolling practice” during the daytime. Have tummy or floor time several times a day and allow your baby to practice those skills. The quicker they master rolling both ways, the sooner they will stop getting “stuck” while trying to sleep.

Some parents get very anxious when their baby first starts making it onto their tummy and falls asleep that way. It has after all been drilled into our heads that babies have to be put down on their back to sleep. But that is the important distinction. Put your baby down for sleep on their back but if they can get to their tummy all by themselves, then you are okay to leave them there for sleep. There is no reason to flip them onto their back if they are comfortable and peacefully sleeping on their tummy.

Most importantly, make sure you STOP swaddling by the time your baby starts rolling. It is a suffocation hazard for baby’s arms to be swaddled in when they start to roll. The American Academy of Pediatrics has now started recommending that swaddling be stopped by 8 weeks old. To transition out, start swaddling with one arm out for a few days and then both arms out. Then you can go straight to a sleep sack.

Sweet Dreams!

— admin