Primary Classroom Expectations

As children graduate from our toddler communities onto our primary classrooms at or around three years of age, we utilize comprehensive Montessori standards to progress each child from toddler to primary level. Please find below a brief summary of expectations we have established for each child to be able to transition from a toddler community to a primary classroom:

Toilet TrainedThe child is completely toilet trained. This includes being able to recognize toileting urges and independently complete the entire toileting process (including wiping) without adult prompting or assistance. Pull-ups are not used (except perhaps at nap or bed time). The child must be fully toilet trained as described above for at least two months prior to entering a primary classroom.

Clothing – The child is able to completely dress and undress her/himself

Awareness and Maturity – The child is able self-regulate in a large classroom and is mature enough to make reasonable choices of the work displayed in the room. The child is expected to handle the materials with care. The child is able to arrive in class independently.

Awareness of Grace and Courtesy – The child understands and can implement simple manners and is courteous to classmates and adults. The child listens carefully and follows verbal directions.

Awareness of Classroom Community – The child is able to function in a classroom community without disturbing other children or disrupting their work. S/he is able to participate at line time and lessons, in small or large groups.

Maturity– The child chooses materials and begins to work promptly illustrating intrinsic motivation and a love of learning. The child accepts correction with needed and accepts responsibility for accomplishing goals. The child learns to work in an organized manner and takes pride in work accomplished. The child is able to follow classroom guidelines and teacher directives. The child exhibits physical control and does not invade another child’s physical or work space.

Readiness of Verbal Skills – The child is able to communicate in short sentences with adults and peers and able to clearly state verbal requests.

Readiness to engage in the work cycle – The child is able to complete a basic work cycle. This includes choosing work, taking it to a table/rug, working with it, repeating if so inclined and returning the work back to its place on the shelf

In addition to the above, there should be evidence of parental support for the Montessori philosophy and for our classroom teachers. There must be a commitment by parents to taking at least one Love and Logic class held at LMS in addition to our parent education events.

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